So a lot has changed. A few months ago the worst, most unimaginable thing happened to me. My dad died. My most beloved best friend and the worlds greatest father, and it all happened so quickly and so so unexpectedly. One minute everything was fine, and then suddenly it wasn’t.

My dad and I were so close, we did everything together and I miss him so much. Its been a strange period since it happened- to be honest i’ve coped extremely well- not at all how I’d imagined, but i think thats because it still doesn’t feel real, I still feel like he’s just ‘away’, and will be coming back very soon. I’m sure reality will Β hit in the future, and when it does I have no doubt that it will be awful.

This event, was by far, the worst thing that could ever have happened to me. There are no words to explain just how awful it is, but as many people say, good things can come from bad. My perspective on life has very much changed: if the worst thing has already happened, and I’m getting through it, then what on earth is the point about worrying about other things? Last year, I was a big worrier. By that, I mean I worried about EVERYTHING. And that was such a waste of my time and effort, not to mention, it was bloody miserable. The other thing this experience has really brought to life is that life really is too short, you have to make the most of it, appreciate it, and realise that its not what you have or how ‘successful’ you are that you will be remembered for, but how you made people feel.

Easy to say all this, but time to actually apply it! A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the Minimalism documentary. I’d briefly heard about minimalism before, but knew nothing really about it, but who can say no to a good Netflix documentary. The whole thing was unexpectedly inspiring! I don’t see myself reaching a full minimalist lifestyle, but I do feel such a desire to declutter my possessions and get rid of anything that isn’t truly important/ makes me happy.

I have well and truly started on the process (although it doesn’t look like it- our house looks and feels just as full of stuff as it did before!). I’ve cleared out 3 or four bags of clothes, several pairs of shoes, loads of paperwork, as well as books/dvds/cds etc. Already things just feel a lot calmer, and I do just feel a stronger want to do things slightly differently, be it more reading, less tv; better food choice (some of the time!), and a definite change in my buying/spending habits.


If you haven’t seen it, i’d definitely recommend taking a look. Its not for everyone, but hopefully you’ll find some inspiration and positivity πŸ™‚


Weekly highlights and my first spinning sesh.

There are lots of posts and blogs about how important it is to think about and write down what you’re grateful for, and I couldn’t agree more. Not only does it help you realise how good things are (even when you think they’re not), it really makes you appreciate everything. People say its good to write down three things your grateful for every day, I personally use the ‘5 minute journal’ app, and i’ve definitely noticed a different in the way I think about things. Its also a great way to find the good in all situations, so but whether you write it on the back of a napkin or in your journal, I really recommend you just DO IT. Aside from noting the little things down every day, I thought I’d use this post to look back on my week so far and whats made it great:

1. Skyping my parents. Over the last few years I’ve grown incredibly close to my parents. Yes we still argue (A LOT), but without sounding lame, they are some of my best friends. So I love having a quick phone call/ Skype chat with them every few days ❀

2. Spinning. I went to a spin class once about a year ago and it was awful: it was our first ever class, we arrived just as it was starting and the instructor had some stern words with us in front of everyone, and made everyone stop and wait for us before starting again. And then in was hard, like really hard. Safe to say I was scarred for life and vowed never to go back. Fast forward a year and I can see what a great form of exercise it is, but i’m still scared, until this morning that is. I don’t know if it was brave or stupid, but with my flatmate by my side (she’s an avid spinner), we headed to a 7:30 am soon class this morning. I made sure we arrived early so we could be towards the back and she could help me set my bike up, and you know what, I LOVED IT. I am seriously converted. It was hard, don’t get me wrong, but I felt great, and for hours after I had loads of energy and felt so positive, I will definitely going back. It was enjoyable and has really showed me that it is good to go outside your comfort zone πŸ™‚

3. Shopping for ‘good for you’ things. So I was a bit naughty this week and had a bot of an online spending spree- I ordered some stuff from the body shop (tea tree cleanser, tea tree night treatment, vitamin c reviver and a face mask pot) and also some hurts bees goodies from feel unique (pomegranate shampoo and conditioner and some body wash- I also got a lip balm and cuticle cream as a free gift!). Anyway both of these parcels arrived this week and i’m really excited to get using them!

4. Food. So I loooooove food. This week has been good food wise in many ways; firstly I had falafel for the first time in too long, and secondly because I’m naughty and went for dinner with my house mates tonight (all in honour of pie week- it would be rude not to celebrate!) and am also going for dinner on Friday with some friends- very excited! πŸ™‚

Just a few things that have made the week so far a good one.

Now time for some serious sleeping! Zzzzzzzz


Getting my shit together.

I’ve reached a point where I feel like I need to make a change. I get these occasionally. Nothing massive, just generally organisation/ health/ self- improvement changes. And probably a haircut.

I’m out of the woods that was dissertation, so I can no longer use that delightful project as an excuse for everything: eating an entire pack of Sainsbury’s cookies in one day, sleeping in quite late, not going to the gym, eating whatever I want, not making an effort with other commitments etc, etc. As this is my last term at uni (I’m actually really sad about this, but am also so done with educational reading/ coursework/ exams), I really need to have one final push, work hard and hopefully do well. But aside from the educational aspect I think i’ve let things slide in general. I was definitely not so healthy over the christmas holidays and haven’t righted that yet, in fact I think i’ve made it worse! So i’m going to try and commit to the following changes and see if that doesn’t make life a little bit extra lovely πŸ™‚

1. Get a haircut (well a trim, note to self getting a proper cut is always followed by deep regret and waiting for hair to get long again!)

2. Lent. So if i’m honest I haven’t actually given up anything for lent for the past few years. So considering that (and that I really need to have some sort of self control over all the yummy things I could eat) I have given up chocolate, sweets, biscuits and crisps. However i’m already seeing myself replace such yummies with more carbs and cake and popcorn…..

3. Gym at least 3 times a week. No slacking. One day you will run 10k.

4. Reading. Educational and for pleasure. Lecturers make no secret that reading is the route to success so I need to get on it and keep on top of it, and actually understand it (a whole new task in itself!). Secondly I really enjoy reading for pleasure, i’ve set my good reads goal to read 15 books this year (3 down at this moment) so I need to make sure I make time for that too. A chapter a night would be ideal but we’ll see how that goes.

5. Yoga. So i’ve downloaded a yoga app and i’ve used it once. USE IT MORE.

6. Making time to keep up with friends. I’ve realised how easy it is to fall out of touch with friends just because you no longer live together/ have lectures together/ they’ve moved away etc. and I don’t want that to happen. So i’m promising myself I will make time for catch ups, make the effort to send a text/ Skype/ call etc.

7. Eating healthily. So I ADORE food. And thats no secret. I love all food and would eat it all day if I could. I generally eat very healthy meals (loads of fruit and veggies. Note: I definitely recommend courgette/ carrot pasta!) but fall down with snacking after dinner. Even if i’m not hungry I love to have something sweet and sometimes it snowballs. So I need to get back to good habits of keeping a food diary (and stop lying on myfitness pal), eating regularly, and having healthy snack options.

8. Water. Hand in hand with eating better I need to drink more water. I’m normally quite good but before christmas I was drinking 2.5- 3 litres a day and I felt fab- I had so much energy it was ridiculous! Need to get back to that.

9. Writing up lecture notes within two days. Again I really think keeping up with notes etc is the secret to success. It means much less to do when it comes to revision and hence more time for revision.

10. Finally using a paper diary! So I treated myself to a lovely pinky/purple Moleskine diary (when I told my sister she totally misunderstood moleskine and thought I was crazy!) so now I just need to make sure I use it. I rely on my phone/ computer calendar which I great but I want to get into the habit of having everything written down in one place, always in my bag, on good ol’ pen and paper.

So there we go.Β A bit of a to do list but i’ll give it a good try. And as they say, 21 days makes a habit, hopefully in the next few months I will be a well oiled healthy, organised machine!


Lovely sunday

My day started off so well, productivity wise it took a dive after lunch (as usual!) but I realise by getting up early and planning my day I definitely get more done and feel better about it.

  1. I got up at 8 this morning, completed the morning section of the five minute journal app, had my daytime bootea and an apple in bed whilst watching Sex and The City.
  2. I did a few basic exercises (press ups, reverse crunches etc) then got washed and dressed and made some breakfast.
  3. As it is sunday, breakfast = (healthier) pancakes. These beauties are made from 2 eggs and a banana and topped with maple syrup, strawberries and mango- delicious! They also make revision a tad easier as I enjoyed them while reading through some revision cards. This was breakfast:10155789_10152115615919599_7636304973533732527_n
  4. I then actually got a decent amount of work done, up until lunch time where food, SATC and a walk took over. Safe to say no more revision got done. On the bright side I have progressed significantly through the SATC series, I also made some yummy healthy revision bites, I made a lovely dinner of courgette pizza and veggies (followed by yogurt, lots of fruit and some dark chocolate), and also doing a little present hunting fro my twin sister for our birthday πŸ™‚10387956_249429275261473_247593381_n
  5. Finally I’m going to the gym tomorrow- so hopefully the day will be even more successful! Im going to try and be a lot more dedicated to revision, exercise and clean eating and a new week is a perfect start. Honestly though, i’ll be proud if I do well until tomorrow after dinner… πŸ˜›

Hope everyones had a lovely weekend

Life update

So I haven’t written anything in forever, so heres a little update:

  • We went to China for two weeks over the easter and it was AMAZING. Its such a fantastic country, the people are lovely, there are so many interesting things to do, and the food is just too good. We also met some lovely people on our trip, but I’m still sad about coming home! TAKE ME BACK. I am considering trying to get a teaching job in Shanghai once I graduate, so we shall see what happens.
  • Exams are coming up very soon. I have lots of work to do, but i’ve hit that ‘I just don;t care’ state. Trust me I will care if my grades are bad, but I’m really struggling to motivate myself 😦 Its annoying because my exams are later than most other peoples (I start after my sister and housemates finish!). I am grateful for the extra time but it will be so hard to work when everyone else is finished! Also my second exam is on my 21st birthday!! And I can’t even celebrate after the exam because I have another exam the next day, but we’ve planned cocktails and lunch as soon as that is over! πŸ˜€
  • Talking of birthdays- I can’t believe I’m nearly 21! its crazy! I just can’t wait to spend a few days with just friends and family and relax and spend time together ❀
  • Two of our close friends have spent this year teaching in Spain, so we’re going to visit them just after exams/ birthday celebrations for a few days. Friends, sun, cocktails and reading on the beach. I can’t wait!
  • I found out the details of my summer internship- I’m going to be a performance manager in HR. I’m not entirely sure what i’ll be doing but I’m just going to go in open minded, make the most of it and learn as much as I can.
  • Diet/ health wise, things are ok. In China I definitely put back on any weight I had lost, but it was so worth it πŸ˜‰ Im trying to not count calories etc and just make sure that the vast majority of the time i’m just eating really good food. I’ve just started the Bootea teatox, I was a little skeptical but after hearing some good things I thought id give it a try. Im only on day 3 (of 14) but I haven’t really noticed any difference in terms of energy/feeling better/ and i guess its too early to see any weight difference.Β 
  • Im currently reading Factory Girls. Its a book about Chinese migrants moving to work in the factories. I’m just under half way through but so far so good, a very interesting and well written read.Β 
  • Finally, I’ve just found the 5 minute journal. I decided to download the app instead of getting the actual journal (because its cheaper and I can start straight away). Its basically a way of starting your morning and finishing your day in a great way- you write down what you’re grateful for, why its been a good day, what would make it better, personal affirmations etc.

So thats basically everything up to date, i’m looking forward to a relaxed but productive sunday tomorrow. Sunday means (healthy) pancake day for breakfast, and I want to make sure I have a good balance between revising and spending time for myself (reading and watching SATC) πŸ™‚

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, i’m off to have my bedtime cleanse tea and complete my 5 minute journal entry. xx

So little time

So I feel like i’ve been ridiculously busy recently- so much work, so many meetings and little errands that just seem to take up all my time. But after a few long library days (and thanks to this week being reading week) I feel like i’m finally getting back on track. During this stressful time however, my diet has been TERRIBLE!!! As a result, I feel like crap. I keep saying i’ll go back to the vegan eating until we go on holiday at easter, but I keep failing. So i hope if I say it on here i’ll be more likely to stick to it. It will be around 3 weeks, I know its bad but i’ve already given myself some exceptions (e.g going to dinner on thursday with my best friends and they have no vegan options so I’m letting myself have that meal off).Β 

So I’m planning to keep up the vegan diet (mostly), drink more water, exercise and meditate. And keep on track with work!

Lets see if sharing goals actually helps!

New things I tried this week

1. Yoga

We tried yoga out for the first time this week. I felt sooooo relaxed at the end. I was so calm and happy about everything. Definitely aiming to go once a week.

2. Alpro soya dessert

I tried the chocolate one. Good option for a dessert when i’m trying to eat a bit more vegan.

3. One/ two ingredient ice cream

I LOVE ice cream, but I’m trying to be healthy. Welcome 1 ingredient ice cream. You literally just blend 2 frozen bananas and hey presto- its ice cream like! Ive also made some adding a tbsp of peanut butter, and one adding frozen raspberries. Perfect.Β 

4. Green smoothies

So with the arrival of our new blender, thought id give this green smoothie thing ago. I made one before the gym this morning and it was lovely, and I felt energised enough for a work out. I used spinach, a banana, some frozen raspberries, a strawberry, blueberries, unsweetened almond milk and some rolled oats

5. Finished reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

Read it.